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Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game where each player is able to take on the role of a hero. You can be anything from a valiant fighter to a spell slinging wizard and everything in between! Players get to set out on adventures, defeat vicious monsters, and earn glory. D&D helps to improve problem solving skills, explore one's imagination, and learn the value of teamwork all while having a ton of fun! You can play in the comfort of your own home! Everything needed to play the game (dice, pencils, maps, and miniatures) will be brought by me. You can choose from a wide selection of adventures below, or choose to have a custom adventure written up just for you!

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tower-iconDungeon Crawls: Spend the night on a one-shot quest, dank crypts filled with skeletons, slog through dangerous marshes of lizardmen, brawl your way through the streets against a pack of thugs, delve deep underground into the drow inhabited underdark , wage war against savage orc tribes, destroy evil necromancers, cast back powerful wizards and much more. A one-shot game is perfect for a single themed session. No commitment to a long campaign. Great for bachelor parties, corporate team building exercises, or shaking up game night!

castle-iconCampaigns: The campaign is a series of continuing adventures strung together to create a larger branching story. This option is for groups that have the desire to meet regularly and play through epic storylines. Click here to view the selection of campaigns.

golbin-camp-iconChildrens parties: A fantastic adventure awaits your children as they set forth with their friends to places untold. Parents should understand that role playing games have much less violence than most movies, tv shows, and videogames. That being said childrens games will include less dark themes and violence. They will allow for building basic math skills, using your imagination, puzzle solving, social skills and teamwork. Most of all they will become the heroes of the story. Recommended for ages 10+.

Contact me for available dates, then we talk about the type of adventure or campaign. Dungeon crawl adventures can come in 2 hour blocks or 4 hour blocks. Campaign blocks can range anywhere between 4 and 8 hours. After we agree on an adventure that fits the time frame or a specific campaign, I do the rest! If players want to create their own characters they may or I will provide pre-made characters of appropriate level in the classes of their choosing. I show up at your door with everything needed to become heroes in your own home. This includes pencils, characters, miniatures, maps & terrain (not all adventures use maps & terrain), dice, ambient music. Interested in playing on a full 40 inch television with animated battle maps? I can do that as well as an additional service.

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20+ Years Experience

Frank has been playing table top role playing games since the age of ten. A fully experienced Dungeon Master with over 20 years of running games at the table for players.



Frank is committed to bring you the best and most enjoyable roleplaying experience that you can't find anywhere else! Whether you are a group of new players learning the rules or seasoned veterans of the hobby, everyone can enjoy.


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A fierce barbarian, inspiring bard, a divine cleric, shapeshifting druid, a master fighter, martial artist monk, holy paladin, bow master ranger, stealthy rogue, gifted sorcerer, warlock granted power, scholarly wizard. The choice is yours.


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The most recommended table top RPG is Wizards of the Coast's 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It's easy to pick up, quick to learn, light on number crunching and the Dungeon Master's personal favorite.

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